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Additional fotoBiz Features

More Great Features! In addition to assisting with the day-to-day management of your business, there are some additional fotoBiz features designed to help you run a more efficient and successful photography business. Gear Enter your equipment in this...

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Negotiation – Asking the Right Questions

How to have a successful negotiation asking the right questions. Part of being a good negotiator is knowing what questions to ask. Understanding how your image adds value to your client's project is the key to effective negotiation. It's your work that's...

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5 Reasons Photographers Should Sell Value, Not Price

At a time when client budgets are tight, it’s tempting to reduce your photography prices in hopes of boosting your business. But successful photographers know that it’s better to focus on the value you deliver, rather than the price you charge....

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Frequently Asked Questions About fotoQuote

fotoQuote has been around for a long time, so we've had a lot of questions over the years. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about fotoQuote. What are your prices based on? Unlike other sources of stock photo prices based on solely on...

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Keywording Photos and Workflow

A fishing tip that I heard in my youth was to not spend too much time casting; the fish don’t live in the air. The only way to catch fish is to keep the bait in the water. For those of you selling your images on the web or through an agency, keywording...

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Photo Keywording Tips and Hints

Photo Keywording Tips - The job of keywording your images can be a daunting task. With the proper help, like the fotoKeyword Harvester™, and this exhaustive list of photo Keywording Tips, your keywording nightmares are over. The primary goal in keywording...

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Contact Management for Photographers

fotoBiz X provides the best Contact Management for Photographers! All activities in fotoBiz begin with a contact record. Finding or entering a contact into the program is where you'll need to start when creating documents like stock quotes, assignment...

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What is fotoBiz X?

FotoBiz X is the most powerful, affordable and easy to use photography business management software available. The fotoBiz X program sets a new standard for photo business management software. FotoBiz X gives you a complete set of tools that go beyond simple...

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10 Ways to Fight for Your Digital Rights as a Photographer

By Paul Melcher The fight for your digital rights would seem to be an uphill battle these days. Let’s face it; the rights of photographers have been badly battered. First came Google, when it won the case to publish images in its search results without...

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Assignment Line Item Pricing

fotoQuote® Pro 7 includes Assignment Line Item pricing to help freelance photographers with various types of assignment line items, forty-three in all. The line items are broken down into categories such as Assistants & Crew, Pre/Post Production and Travel...

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