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Cradoc started writing photography software over 25 years ago. When he started, one of the biggest problems photographers were experiencing was that their images were not getting to market because they had such a backlog of slides waiting to be captioned. So, he wrote the Cradoc CaptionWriter, a program that labeled slides allowing photographers to get millions of slides off their desks and into the market.

Since then, he’s written other software programs to solve the problems he’s faced within his own photography business; how to get paid fairly for work, how to negotiate the best deal, how to get the necessary paperwork out, how to protect copyright, and how to organize digital images.

These days, the biggest problem facing photographers is almost the same as it was twenty-five years ago. Buyers aren’t finding their images online either because they are improperly keyworded, or because their images are not online at all due to the backlog of images to keyword. Photographers need keyword generator software, an effective keywording tool to ease the workload and speed the process.

A number of years ago, after an extensive trip, Cradoc sat down to keyword thousands of images to submit to his agency. He was completely overwhelmed by the process of looking at a blank screen every time he started to find keywords for a new image.

Within a few hours of trying to find the best photo keywords, he’d be fried. He quickly realized he needed help, a keywording tool, a program or app that would help to keyword images quickly and effectively.

He went online to see if he could find a solution that would help speed up the keywording process. He found nothing; there wasn’t anything that suited his needs. There were a few programs, but they all presented that same blank page every time he had a new image to keyword. No one had solved the keywording problem in any meaningful way.

He quickly realized that, as he’d done before with CaptionWriter, RightsWriter, fotoBiz, and fotoQuote, he needed to come up with his own solution. He’d create a type of keyword generator software.

In researching keywords, he first searched online for images similar to his own to look at the photo keywords other photographers used to describe their image. He also searched in Wikipedia for location details. He searched Google to check the spelling of towns and cities. He checked an online thesaurus.

He tried to think like a photo buyer, or image researcher, and soon realized he had to learn how they were searching, the language of keywording. This is the language online photo buyers use as they constantly search for images and continually refine the words they use to get the images they want.

He started to gather all the words and phrases he found in his research to help keyword his photos, but he realized he couldn’t use them without taking even more time and effort to edit them down to specific keywords.

Frustrated by the amount of time this was taking, he wanted a solution that automated the process. He wanted to click a button and have everything done for him automatically, a keywording tool. This option just simply did not exist at the time.

So, Cradoc decided to use the work he’d already done when he needed to keyword images. That’s when he wrote fotoKeyword Harvester.

The fotoKeyword Harvester is a unique program; different from any other keywording tool that has ever been done before, or since, for keywording. It’s solved common keywording problems. It’s made the job of keywording images easy, efficient and a bit more fun.

We all know that if you do a bad job of your photo keywords it’s possible they’ll never be seen again. They certainly won’t be found in searches online. The fotoKeyword Harvester reduces the time it takes to keyword, allowing you to do a thorough job of keywording your images, make some money, and enjoy your photography.

How keyword Harvester is different

The fotoKeyword Harvester is not a program that just lets you just copy keywords and reformat the block. Instead, a team of researchers worked nearly a year to give photographers a program that is an alternative to just copying other people’s photo keywords.

Your keywords need to specifically describe YOUR image. You need to look at as many images as possible to see what words are being used to describe similar images, harvest words from ALL sources, combine them, and then use your judgment to remove the words that don’t work. The fotoKeyword Harvester makes that process faster using the information we’ve already gathered for you.

You start by finding words from different sources to get as many keywords as you can, then use your judgment to select the words that give your images the best advantage. The keywords you harvest are just a starting point, not the end result. The controlled vocabulary built into the fotoKeyword Harvester, the Keyword Composer, is what helps you get a true advantage by providing variations and options for those words. And, you can create keyword templates for similar images, which will save you time in the future.

The bottom line is that the people who will really benefit from good, accurate photo keywords are the buyers. They will be able to consistently find what they are looking for and because of that, the photographers who have taken the time to properly keyword their images benefit.

Remember… You can’t sell them if they can’t find them.

More about fotoKeyword Harvester:

Learn more about the fotoKeyword Harvester by listening to a short audio description of the problems that need to be solved when keywording images on our YouTube channel. There’s also a short video where Cradoc demonstrates how the fotoKeyword Harvester – keyword generator software – solves common keywording problems.

Download the Quick Start Guide that takes you step-by-step through the process of keywording your images using fotoKeyword Harvester.

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