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One of the questions most frequently asked by our users is: “How do I create a PDF of my document to email to my client?”

In this article we’ll share how to do this on MAC and Windows OS.

Creating a PDF on MAC or Windows computer

To create a PDF from your Cradoc fotoSoftware program, first go to the document you would like to save as a PDF.

Click the button in the bottom left that says “Print Document”.

Choose the type of document you would like to save as a PDF.

(If you’re not sure, you’ll see a preview of the document before saving.)

This is an example of the document preview you will see from your Cradoc fotoSoftware.

You can choose to PRINT by pressing return or enter.

You want to choose to print (you’ll save as a PDF as part of the print function) so hit enter.

This will bring up the print dialogue.

For the following instructions, we have shown MAC screenshots on the left side of the screen – before the text. The PC screenshots are shown to the right of the instructions.

In the print dialogue boxes that appear, choose ‘Save as PDF’

Choose the location you would like to save your PDF, and name the document according to your workflow.

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