Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use the program on 2 computers

Yes, you can use any of the programs on 2 computers. When you purchase our programs you are purchasing a license (your serial number) that authorizes 2 activations. That means the program can be installed on 2 computers at once.

What are your fotoQuote prices based on?

Unlike other sources of stock photo prices based on solely on surveys, often with unverifiable data, fotoQuote’s prices are based on actual sales records from photographers and photo buyers.

What kind of support do you offer?

If you are having problems getting your program running, connect with us via our support page. It is our first priority to get you up and running with your new program.

Is there any kind of guarantee that I will like the program?

All our software has a 30-day, unconditional, money back guarantee.


How is the pricing information organized in fotoQuote® Pro 7?

The software provides pricing for both stock and assignment photography. Stock image categories include print & electronic advertising, editorial & corporate, social media, TV & film footage & stills, and computer & software applications. Assignment pricing information offers examples of charges for various types of jobs, along with line item pricing for specific assignments.

What kind of support does fotoQuote® Pro 7 offer for negotiating prices?

fotoQuote® Pro 7 includes negotiation hints and a powerful coaching tool with over 35 tips on topics like budgets, copyright, raising rates, and video production. It helps you justify your pricing to clients and close sales effectively.

Is there a recurring fee for using fotoQuote® Pro 7?

No, there are no recurring fees. fotoQuote® Pro 7 is available for a one-time payment, and you can download it instantly after purchase.

Can I use fotoQuote® Pro 7 on my mobile device?

Yes, there is a read-only iOS version available, allowing you to access pricing information on the go.

Can I use fotoQuote® Pro 7 for international pricing?

Yes, the software supports multiple currencies, making it suitable for international pricing.


How does fotoBiz® X help with invoicing and tracking profits?

fotoBiz® X simplifies the process of creating invoices and tracking your profits. It includes photography sales tracking and license expiration management, ensuring you stay on top of your finances and know when licenses are due for renewal.

How does fotoBiz® X help with managing stock photography?

fotoBiz® X is equipped with features for stock photography business management, including a RightsWriter™ License Builder, image thumbnails, and stock productions. It streamlines the process of creating stock photography quotes and simplifies usage fee addition.

Does fotoBiz® X include pricing for assignment photography?

Yes, fotoBiz® X allows you to create detailed estimates for assignment photography, ensuring all necessary details are covered. It includes a RightsWriter™ License Builder, production notes, and integrates with fotoQuote® for pricing your assignment photography.

Are there any new features in the latest version of fotoBiz® X?

The latest version of fotoBiz® X includes several new features such as a redesigned user interface, billing in multiple currencies, document duplication, multiple licensing on a single invoice, automated fotoQuote integration, expanded magazine database, prospects database, and more.

Are there any recurring fees for using fotoBiz® X?

No, there are no monthly or annual fees for using fotoBiz® X. It's a one-time purchase, providing you with lifetime access to the software.

FotoKeyword Harvester

How does fotoKeyword Harvester™ improve the keywording process?

The software speeds up the keywording process and improves the quality of your image keywords by using synonyms and plurals, providing a special keywording feature for nature photographers, and allowing you to save your most popular keyword clusters and hashtags for social media use.

How does fotoKeyword Harvester™ help with online visibility?

By providing effective keywording, fotoKeyword Harvester™ ensures that your images are properly indexed by search engines and image databases, making them more likely to be found by potential buyers.

What is the most challenging aspect of keywording, and how does fotoKeyword Harvester™ address it?

The trickiest part of keywording is knowing when to stop—ensuring you've described your images adequately without diluting the list with too many generic or irrelevant terms. fotoKeyword Harvester™ tackles this issue with its harvesting system and organized controlled vocabulary, improving the creativity and efficiency of your keywording.

Does fotoKeyword Harvester™ provide any guidance on keywording?

Yes, the software includes captions, notes, and coaching features, as well as word exceptions and photo keywording tips to help you keyword your images effectively.