About Cradoc fotoSoftware

Successful freelance photographer, Cradoc Bagshaw, developed all of our programs. He created them to solve the issue of having to spend too much time doing repetitive administrative tasks that keep photographers in front of a computer instead of behind the camera.

About Cradoc Bagshaw

Cradoc Bagshaw is an internationally acclaimed photographer and photojournalist with a lifelong passion for documentary and street photography. A professional photographer and photojournalist for over forty years, his work has appeared in dozens of esteemed publications including Time, Newsweek, Forbes, Business Week, and the New York Times. He has worked with Black Star and the Gamma Liaison agency in New York, doing both editorial and corporate assignments.

He has also lectured extensively on photography at widely respected schools including NYU, the International Center of Photography in New York, UCLA, the California Polytechnic Institute, and Brooks Institute of Photography in California. His clients have included USA Today, ABC Good Morning America, UNICEF, Columbia, Capitol, Vanguard Records, the Whitney, Amon Carter, and Smithsonian museums.


About Cradoc fotoSoftware - Sylvia Beach Whitman,Shakespeare & Co, Paris, France. © Cradoc BagshawSylvia Beach Whitman, Shakespeare & Co, Paris, France. © Cradoc Bagshaw


In 1984 Bagshaw returned from a trip to China with 5,000 slides that needed to be captioned. The only option at the time was terribly inefficient, so he found some small labels that would fit his slide mounts and, using his primitive laptop he wrote his first program to print the labels. Every photographer he mentioned it to wanted it, and soon the demand was so great that he branded it The Cradoc Captionwriter, and started selling it. He sold thousands of copies to photographers and agencies.

In 1990, Bagshaw and his wife, Therese, took off for a year of shooting. When they returned from Europe, Bagshaw wrote the first version of fotoQuote, the blue book of photo prices that has become the North American standard for photo pricing. He soon followed that up with fotoBiz, a business management program aimed at freelancers that was an immediate success.


About Cradoc fotoSoftware Prague, Woman in the snow. © Cradoc BagshawPrague, Woman in the snow. © Cradoc Bagshaw


His most recent program, fotoKeyword Harvester, was first written in 2005. This revolutionary program simplifies the repetitive complexity of creating keywords for your images.

For the past several years, Bagshaw has split his time between the Vancouver, Canada area, and Europe.

To learn more about Cradoc, see his personal website CradocPhoto.com and read the recent article on Adorama: Meet A Pro: Cradoc Bagshaw on Why Photography is a Feeling, Not a Thought.


About Cradoc fotoSoftware - Man viewing painting. Milan, Italy. © Cradoc BagshawMan viewing painting. Milan, Italy. © Cradoc Bagshaw