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Where it all began

Successful freelance photographer, Cradoc Bagshaw, is the original developer of all our programs. He created them to solve the issue of having to spend too much time doing repetitive administrative tasks that keep photographers in front of a computer instead of behind the camera.
The Idea

In 1984 Bagshaw returned from a trip to China with 5,000 slides that needed to be captioned. The only option at the time was terribly inefficient, so he found some small labels that would fit his slide mounts and, using his primitive laptop he wrote his first program to print the labels.

The Demand

Every photographer he mentioned it to wanted it, and soon the demand was so great that he branded it The Cradoc Captionwriter, and started selling it. He sold thousands of copies to photographers and agencies.

The Sabbatical

In 1990, Bagshaw and his wife, Therese, took off for a year of shooting. When they returned from Europe, Bagshaw wrote the first version of fotoQuote, the blue book of photo prices that has become the North American standard for photo pricing. He soon followed that up with fotoBiz, a business management program aimed at freelancers that was an immediate success.

The Software

His most recent program, fotoKeyword Harvester, was first written in 2005. This revolutionary program simplifies the repetitive complexity of creating keywords for your images.

The Rewrite

fotoBiz is completely re-written to introduce new features requested by users including:

    • Bill In Multiple Currencies
    • Multiple Licensing On a Single Invoice
    • Insurance List
    • License Tracking Reminders and Emails
    • Prospects Database
The Updates

fotoQuote Pro 7 was introduced with a read-only iOS version to provide photographers with pricing information ‘in their pocket’.


Our Promise

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Our goal is to deliver exceptional value at a price that's accessible to all. We've designed our software to be everything you need in one place, eliminating the need for multiple tools and subscriptions.

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We are committed to the ongoing development and enhancement of our software. We strive to stay ahead of the curve by continuously improving our offerings to include the most up-to-date tools and resources.

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We equip you with the tools to succeed. Our software comes packed with educational resources, from user guides to in-depth tutorials on pricing your work, creating licensing agreements, and so much more.