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Business Software for Freelance Photographers

Assignment Photography Business Management

Photo Pricing at your Fingertips

Includes fotoQuote Pro*

Cradoc fotoSoftware fotoBiz® X is the most comprehensive, powerful, and easy to use business software for photographers available for your stock and assignment photography estimating, bidding and billing needs.
No monthly fees, No annual fees.

I am very impressed with all the little things that I have missed with other programs that say to me you are listening to our needs.

Steven Widoff

Photographer, FL

Learn more about fotoBiz X – Your complete photography business software

Comprehensive Photography Business Software

Cradoc fotoSoftware fotoBiz X - Comprehensive Photography Business Software
fotoBiz® X includes photography sales tracking and license expiration management to help you stay on top of what images are making you money and when licenses are up for renewal.
  • Simplify Your Photo Business
  • Contact Management
  • Templates
  • Licensing

Easily Create Invoices and Track Profits

Cradoc fotoSoftware fotoBiz X - Easily Create Invoices and Track Profits
fotoBiz® X includes photography sales tracking and license expiration management to help you stay on top of what images are making you money and when licenses are up for renewal.
  • Easy To Use Features
  • Automated License Generation
  • Image Sales Tracking
  • Reporting

Stock Photography Business Management

Cradoc fotoSoftware fotoBiz X includes Stock Photography Business Management
fotoBiz® X takes the process of creating a stock photography quote and simplifies it for you. With our photo price guide, fotoQuote®Pro 6 built in, you’ll add usage fees with the click of a button.
  • RightsWriter™ License Builder
  • Image Thumbnails
  • Stock Productions

Stock & Assignment Pricing with fotoQuote®

Cradoc fotoSoftware fotoBiz X - Stock & Assignment Pricing with fotoQuote built in
fotoQuote® 6*, the industry standard guide for pricing stock and assignment photography, comes built-in giving you access to the most powerful and useful information for pricing your stock and assignment photography. Buy the bundle to also receive:
  • fotoQuote® Pro 7 (stand alone program)
  • iOS Version of fotoQuote®

Assignment Business Software for Photographers

Cradoc fotoSoftware fotoBiz X - Assignment Photography Business Management Software
Creating an assignment photography estimate with fotoBiz® X ensures you have all the bases covered. Follow the workflow of the menu items to include all of the necessary details.
  • RightsWriter™ License Builder
  • Production Notes
  • Pricing Your Assignment Photography with fotoQuote®

Watch Detailed Video Overview of fotoBiz X

Cradoc fotoSoftware fotoBiz X - Watch Detailed Video Overview of fotoBix X Features
Learn how fotoBiz® X helps you manage your clients and your paperwork, giving you more time to do what you love – get creative! Cradoc explains:
  • Who the software is written for
  • What does fotoBiz X do
  • How does fotoBiz X work
  • Why you need fotoBiz X
  • Is it a fit for your business

Keep your finger on the pulse of your photography business with over 100 reports and documents

Cradoc fotoSoftware fotoBiz X - overview of reports available in this business management software for freelance photographers

New in fotoBiz® X

  • User Interface Redesign
  • Bill In Multiple Currencies
  • Document Duplication
  • Multiple Licensing On a Single Invoice
  • Automated FotoQuote Integration
  • Insurance List
  • Licensing Data Pulled From Image Metadata
  • Client Information Accessible From Single Screen
  • License Tracking Reminders and Emails
  • Expanded Magazine Database
  • Prospects Database
  • More and Expanding Space on Documents
  • Image Thumbnails on Stock Quotes and Invoices
  • Export Invoice Data to Quickbooks
  • Greater Customization

Testimonials for fotoBiz® X. What our users say about our business software for photographers.

fotoBiz® X is a program I rely on daily, it integrates easily with my workflow.

The Contacts screen provides the needed information in a well laid-out format. I can easily switch to invoices, submissions, stock quotes, etc. for greater detail. Everything is quickly viewed on one screen – a real time saver.

Maintenance upgrades are a snap. The upgrade installed smoothly and without a loss of data or forms. Cradoc fotoSoftware readily takes input from its users and evaluates each desired or enhanced feature for future releases.

Want to send an email to a customer? Easily done using the templates. Tracking print or stock sales? Once again, easily accomplished especially with the thumbnail images for quick reference. Tracking stock production sales/expenses? Works great. Even things as simple as printing an envelope are accomplished with ease. Tracking equipment and insurance is also a snap with fotoBiz® X. The reports within fotoBiz® X are easily generated and very useful in evaluating sales, submissions and other criteria.

There are many features I use constantly in fotoBiz, and others I’m still learning as I need them. This is a great program and works well in tandem with Lightroom. Thanks!
Drake Fleege

Photographer, WI

fotoBiz® is the only software I have seen that is 100% ready to service the needs of a professional photographer, everything from stock licensing to assignment estimates and invoices.

We have been using it to manage our business since 2000. fotoBiz® X has now taken the next steps to meet the dynamic needs of the ever-changing industry. Nothing is overlooked or missed in planning. I can’t imagine not having fotoBiz® helping me manage our business.
Dan Patitucci

Photographer Switzerland

I’ve had a little time to explore the fotoBiz® X program in depth and it really has some wonderful features. The two that stand out the most are the ability to import the backup data – this really makes a simple task of keeping my laptop in sync with my desktop.

The visual image reference on stock invoices and quotes is great and having my image number tied to the photo versus an internally assigned tracking number saves the manual entry I had to do with the previous version.

Thanks again for making this such a great program!
Russ Bishop

Photographer, CA