Special Pricing

Upgrades #

If you are a registered user of a Cradoc fotoSoftware product you are eligible for upgrade pricing. To make a purchase for the upgrade price, you need an Authorization Code. Please Contact us through our Upgrade Authorization Request to request your upgrade code. Once we confirm your eligibility, we will email your Authorization Code.

Please do not call us for this information, as the data provided in the Authorization Code Request Form must first be verified in our database.

Volume Discount Pricing #

Whether you are a small studio in need a few licenses or a large company or school needing several site licenses, we will be happy to work with you on developing a licensing arrangement that will meet your needs. Contact us with the details of your request.

Educational Orders #

FotoBiz®, fotoQuote® and the fotoKeyword Harvester™ are used in schools across the country as teaching tools for photography students.

If you are a photo educator and would like to order our software at the discounted educational price, please Contact us with your request. Be sure and let us know the name of the school where you are currently teaching as well as the courses you teach.

We also offer volume discount site licenses for schools using our software in their computer labs.

Student Discounts #

We are committed to helping students step into their new career with the tools they will need to succeed. If you are currently a student and wish to order our software at a discounted price, please use our student contact form to make your request.

Your student status will need to be verified from the information you provide prior to receiving your discount code.

Workshops #

If you teach workshops and would like to offer our software to your participants for a discounted price, please Contact us with the details of your request. We’d love to support your work!

Professional Organizations #

Cradoc fotoSoftware has long been a supporter of professional photography organizations. Contact us about possible discounted prices for your members.