fotoQuote® Pro 7 Mobile for iOS

Carry fotoQuote prices in your pocket with your new fotoQuote® Pro 7 Mobile #

Welcome to the mobile version of fotoQuote. fotoQuote Mobile for iOS includes all of the stock and assignment pricing information of the desktop version.

We’ve designed the program so that we can distribute it to you directly, giving us more control, and saving you the added cost of selling through the Apple App store. To run the program you’ll need to download a free Filemaker Go app from the Apple App store.

Please follow the instructions below, and enjoy your new FotoQuote Pro 7 Mobile.

Installing fotoQuote Pro 7 Mobile #

Get Claris FileMaker Go #

Claris FileMaker Go is available free on the App Store and runs your fotoQuote Pro 7 Mobile on iPad and iPhone.

Download and Install FileMaker Go.

Download fotoQuote Mobile for iOS #

Once you’ve installed FileMaker Go, download fotoQuote Pro 7 Mobile.

Open the app and choose the File download icon in the top left corner of the screen. 

Cradoc fotoSoftware fotoQuote Pro 7 for iOS instructions



Choose the fotoQuote Pro 7 icon that will appear in the file options below.

After you read and agree to the License Agreement you will be taken to the Activation screen. Enter your name and fotoQuote Pro serial number.

This is the same serial number your received for the desktop version of fotoQuote Pro 7. Click the “Activate” button and fotoQuote will contact our activation servers to confirm your license. You will only need to do this the first time you open the file on a device.

Add fotoQuote Mobile to your Home Screen #

photography pricing guide overview of fotoQuote pro 7 on youtube

You can add the fotoQuote icon to your home screen by downloading and installing the fotoQuote Pro 7 mobile profile on your iOS device.

After you have you downloaded the profile, go to your iPhone SETTINGS. Underneath your Name you should see the option “Profile Downloaded”. Click to reveal the fotoQuote Pro 7 Profile and choose “INSTALL”.

Follow the instructions to complete the installation process. The icon will install on the first free space after your home screen so you may need to look for it. You can then click the icon each time to open fotoQuote Pro 7 Mobile in FileMaker Go.

Thank you again for being a loyal Cradoc fotoSoftware customer.