Software Activation

Cradoc Software Activation #

The only information we receive from your computer during activation is your computer’s ID. We attached that ID to your name and serial number in our records so we can keep track of your activations should you need assistance in the future.

What is activation? #

Activation ensures that you and/or your organization have a genuine copy of our software. It helps protect Cradoc fotoSoftware from unauthorized distribution of its software.

Why is activation necessary? #

Activation protects our intellectual property rights. The purpose of this activation method is to stop the piracy of our software, which has been a real problem for us, not to limit your use of the program.

How does activation work? #

The activation process will be initiated the first time you launch certain Cradoc fotoSoftware programs. Online the process takes just a few moments. Follow the steps outlined in the dialog boxes to activate your software.

What if I am not able to activate my software online? #

Please contact us immediately using the contact form if you are experiencing difficulty activating your software. You will be asked to provide your name, serial number and unique computer ID that the software will generate for you once you enter your registration information.

Which Cradoc fotoSoftware products require activation? #

At this time the fotoKeyword Harvester, fotoQuote Pro 7 and fotoBiz X are the only programs that require activation.

How many computers does my Activation include? #

You may activate the software on 2 computers. If you have a problem that requires additional activations to keep your legitimate copy of the program working, get in touch with us. We will work with you. For information on our license agreement for single users click here.

What happens if I get a new computer and want to install the software on a new computer? #

The activation process allows you to transfer the activation of your software from your original computer to your new computer. If you have not used up your two activations you may do this by simply installing the program and going through the normal activation process.

If this will be your third computer please see the deactivation instructions in the next question below.

How do I deactivate my license to reinstall on another computer? #

You are permitted two activations. You can transfer an existing activation to another computer by first deactivating the software on your current computer. This is done by selecting {Program Name} and choosing “Deactivate”. This requires an active internet connection in order for your records to be updated automatically allowing you to then activate the software on your new computer. If you are also migrating data from your old computer to your new one, do not deactivate the software on the old computer until after the migration is complete so that the deactivation information will be copied over with your data.

NOTE: You must be running version 6.0.1 r1 or higher of fotoQuote Pro 6 or 1.0.5 or higher of fotoKeyword Harvester to deactivate via the internet. Please contact us for instructions if you have an older version.

What happens in the event of a computer crash and I have not deactivated my license? #

In most cases a computer crash will not affect the program’s activation. An activated copy of the program should launch as usual after a computer crash.

If the program must be reactivated, either due to an unusual event or because the software was uninstalled without deactivating first, the activation screen will appear at the first launch, and activation may continue as usual without affecting your available activations.

If the activation attempts to use an additional activation and you have already activated on the maximum number of computers you will not be able to run the software. For assistance, please contact us.

We recommend that if you plan on making significant changes to your computer such as installing a new hard drive and/or reinstalling the operating system, you first deactivate the program. See instructions above for deactivation.

After these changes are made you can activate the software again to continue use. This helps prevent your activation from being affected by these changes.

What happens after the initial two activations have been used? #

In order to activate beyond your initial two activations you will either need to deactivate the software on one of your computers to install it on another or purchase an additional site license depending on the use as described in our single user license agreement.

To order an additional site license(s), please contact us directly toll free in the US at 1-800-679-0202 or internationally at 360-945-1380 to make payment arrangements.

To deactivate and reactivate on another computer see the instructions above.

How is the activation data used? #

The Serial Number you received with your Cradoc fotoSoftware, is combined with your computer’s ID. When the product is activated on a computer, this Computer ID and the Serial Number are both provided to us to help ensure that each copy of the software is not activated on more than the two permitted activations.