FotoKeyword Harvester

Does fotoKeyword Harvester™ provide any guidance on keywording?

Yes, the software includes captions, notes, and coaching features, as well as word exceptions and photo keywording tips to help you keyword your images effectively.

How does fotoKeyword Harvester™ improve the keywording process?

The software speeds up the keywording process and improves the quality of your image keywords by using synonyms and plurals, providing a special keywording feature for nature photographers, and allowing you to save your most popular keyword clusters and hashtags for social media use.

How does fotoKeyword Harvester™ help with online visibility?

By providing effective keywording, fotoKeyword Harvester™ ensures that your images are properly indexed by search engines and image databases, making them more likely to be found by potential buyers.

What is the most challenging aspect of keywording, and how does fotoKeyword Harvester™ address it?

The trickiest part of keywording is knowing when to stop—ensuring you've described your images adequately without diluting the list with too many generic or irrelevant terms. fotoKeyword Harvester™ tackles this issue with its harvesting system and organized controlled vocabulary, improving the creativity and efficiency of your keywording.