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Keywording – Choosing the best keywording tool

Do you need keyword generator software? Cradoc started writing photography software over 25 years ago. When he started, one of the biggest problems photographers were experiencing was that their images were not getting to market because they had such a...

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Work Smarter Not Harder – Pricing Your Work

by Cradoc Bagshaw If you are closing the majority of the estimates you submit, perhaps you are not charging enough and are leaving money on the table. A good gauge to determine if you are charging enough is if 20-40% of the estimates you submit don't get...

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The Importance of Tracking Image Licenses

Tracking Image Licenses by Cradoc Bagshaw In the middle of the last recession, I asked my friend, photography consultant Mary Virginia Swanson, how her clients were doing in the depressed economy. She admitted that times were difficult, but there’s a group...

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Quick Advice on how to Grow Your Photography Business

Free SNAPSHOT mini tutorials for Photographers Grow your photography business! Do you want a place where you can get branding, marketing and productivity advice specifically created for pro photographers? Then check out the Snapshot tutorial series that Andrea of...

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Be Successful Doing What You Love

It’s a New Year – Time to Scale Up As we step forward into 2019, many photographers - small business owners and solopreneurs - are looking for new ways to become more productive and efficient. They’re looking for ways to run their business more effectively and to find...

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Get Ready To Grow Your Photography Business in 2019!

If you want to get more clients as a photographer you have to market yourself and put yourself out there to grow your photography business. And, not just randomly, you need a written marketing plan with goals to reach and action steps to take. Showing your...

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Apple OS 10.14.x Mojave

Wondering "Are Cradoc fotoSoftware programs compatible with Mojave?" We're happy to confirm that all Cradoc fotoSoftware programs for professional freelance photographers are compatible with all MAC OS including the newest - Mojave! Cradoc fotoSoftware...

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Negotiation – Image Uniqueness

By Cradoc Bagshaw One of the keys to negotiation - image uniqueness. When I first wrote fotoQuote in the early 90’s word was that stock was dead. There were a lot of changes happening in the photo industry as things shifted to digital. No one knew what the...

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Cradoc fotoBiz X vs Blinkbid

Are you looking for a downloadable alternative to Blinkbid online software? Now that BlinkBid has decided it will not develop its software to work on High Sierra or newer MAC OS there are more and more people who want to switch to a business software that...

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Negotiation Tips for Freelance Photographers

by Cradoc Bagshaw In another tip, I mentioned that the photographer's consultant Mary Virginia Swanson said the photographers she knew who was doing the best right now were the ones who had negotiated the best deals in the past, deals that had the clients...

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