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Staying in Touch with Clients - Cradoc fotoSoftware - Business software for freelance photographers

Clear, consistent communication with clients in one of the main keys to success as a professional freelance photographer. Staying in touch helps you to stay top of mind with your clients. For example, thanking the writer who worked with you on an assignment may get you a recommendation the next time that writer gets an assignments.

Successful photographers also pay close attention to their image licenses, tracking image licenses and communicating with clients when licenses are about to expire. Connecting with your clients about expiring image licenses not only protects your work, it’s also a great way to generate some passive income.

Another benefit of consistent communication with your clients is the stating and restating of your terms of doing business. Clearly stating your terms with every job should be as natural and regular as breathing air. It protects your rights, prevents any misunderstandings, and above all says that you are a professional. 

That sounds like a lot of work.

If you are like most freelance photographers, you are probably juggling many jobs at once. The last thing you have time for is to sit down and compose an individual letter to a client. With the Email Templates and License Tracking modules in fotoBiz, you can stay in touch with your clients with very little effort. 

Email templates for freelance photographers

Email templates for freelance photographers to stay in touch with clients using Cradoc fotoSoftware - business software for freelance photographers

The Email Templates in fotoBiz, with over 30 prewritten letters, provide instant access to the many types of communications you have with your clients. These templates include: collection letters for late payments, responses to contract demands, cover letters (including a portfolio submission), a letter to restate your understanding of an assignment and thank you letters. 

Here’s what freelance photographer Alan Ackoff has to say about the collection letter templates:

“Nothing beats a good attorney, but fotoBiz comes close. Not long ago, I collected for a one-year Internet license after discovering unauthorized image usage by a client. I sent them a couple of your collection letters and the client paid! FotoBiz has repaid its purchase price so many times that I’ve lost count. Thanks!” 

It’s easy to add your own letter templates or customize the ones in fotoBiz as well! You can save the letters you send to your clients, or with a button click, turn any letter into a template to be used again in the future. 

For more information on making the most of the templates and letters in fotoBiz refer to the “Email Templates” section of the fotoBiz reference manual. 

Image License Tracking & Follow-up

Track your image licenses with just one click using Cradoc fotoSoftware's fotoBiz X - Business software for photographers

Tracking your image licenses and sending follow-up communication to your clients could not be easier! Cradoc fotoSoftware is all about business management for freelance photographers, and there are few things more important than tracking your image licenses. For that reason, we’ve included license tracking and the ability to send a license reminder to your client with the click of a button. Following up on your image licenses has never been easier!

For more information on license tracking and follow-up, please see the “License Tracking” section of our fotoBiz X manual.

As a professional freelance photographer one of the best things you can do is to stay in touch with your clients, especially during slower times. The personal connection, the gentle “Hello there” helps you to remain top of mind with your clients. Handling this communication professionally helps you to set yourself apart and will ultimately lead to more work.

Cradoc fotoSoftware is dedicated to providing you with the best tools available to help you manage your photography business.

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