Photo Keywording Tips and Hints

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Photo Keywording Tips – The job of keywording your images can be a daunting task. With the proper help, like the fotoKeyword Harvester™, and this exhaustive list of photo Keywording Tips, your keywording nightmares are over. The primary goal in keywording photos is to attach the words to your image that accurately describe the subject, […]

Keywording – Choosing the best keywording tool

fKH - Keywording Tool - Choosing the best keyword generator software

Do you need keyword generator software? Cradoc started writing photography software over 25 years ago. When he started, one of the biggest problems photographers were experiencing was that their images were not getting to market because they had such a backlog of slides waiting to be captioned. So, he wrote the Cradoc CaptionWriter, a program […]

Get Images Seen Online – The Importance of Photo Keywording

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By Cradoc Bagshaw Recently I talked with photographer Ron Watts about his stock shooting and his image keywording problems. Ron and I have known each other since the 1980’s. We met in Los Angeles at the Westlight photo agency, while we were both in town on agency business. We have been friends ever since. A prolific stock […]

Keywording Photos and Workflow

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A fishing tip that I heard in my youth was to not spend too much time casting; the fish don’t live in the air. The only way to catch fish is to keep the bait in the water. For those of you selling your images on the web or through an agency, keywording photos well […]

An Accelerated Solution to Keywording Photos

Cradoc fotoKeyword Harvester - An Accelerated Solution to Keywording Photos

The fotoKeyword Harvester™ gives you an accelerated solution to keywording photos and improves the quality of your image keywords. You don’t need to repeat unnecessary tasks over and over again. When you use the fotoKeyword Harvester to keyword images, you’ll get help learning the language of keywording. Learning the Language of Keywording Photos How many languages […]

A New Approach to Photo Keywording with the Keyword Harvester

Cradoc fotoKeyword Harvester - A NEW APPROACH TO PHOTO KEYWORDING

Written by Cradoc Bagshaw The fotoKeyword Harvester™ automates photo keywording – the process of researching and capturing, or harvesting, the words that best describe the image you’re keywording by utilizing multiple resources on the Internet. It is a new approach to photo keywording. Current keywording methods have you start with an empty window for each […]

Photo Keywording with a Controlled Vocabulary

photo keywording with a controlled vocabulary - cradoc fotosoftware

The more time you take to carefully keyword your images, the more accurate you’ll be when putting together a submission or cataloging your images, and the easier it will be to find your images later. Photo keywording with a controlled vocabulary saves you time while still providing the ability to be accurate in keywording your […]

Other fotoKeyword Harvester Features

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This program is packed with options to help you keyword your images so that they get found online. Other fotoKeyword Harvester features include the ability to create keyword templates that will save you time keywording your images, the ability to exclude keyword exceptions and preserve word groups. Create Keyword Templates The fotoKeyword Harvester™ has a way […]