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fotoKeyword Harvester

The Competitive Edge for Image Keywording

Accelerated Image Keywording

Photo Keywording with a Controlled Vocabulary

Simplify your Workflow with Templates


The job of keywording your images can be a daunting task. With fotoKeyword Harvester™, and this comprehensive list of the do’s and don’ts of image keywording, your keywording nightmares are over.

Note: Currently not compatible with Mac OS Catalina

No monthly fees, No annual fees.

An Accelerated Solution Photo Keywording

image keywording made easy with Cradoc fotoSoftware's fotoKeyword Harvester

Get found faster! fotoKeyword Harvester™ speeds up the process of keywording photos and improves the quality of your image keywords.

  • Don’t repeat unnecessary tasks over and over again.
  • Get help learning the language of keywording.


A New Approach to Photo Keywording

image keywording makes sure your images are found online
fotoKeyword Harvester™ automates the process of
  • researching,
  • capturing, and
  • harvesting
the words that best describe your image by using a number of photo resources on the internet.


Photo Keywording with a Controlled Vocabulary

the best tool for image keywording from Cradoc fotoSoftware

The Keyword Composer™ is a controlled vocabulary that is built-in to the fotoKeyword Harvester™.

Once you’ve created your initial block of keywords use the Keyword Composer to refine them. Select your keywords from a list we created that has thousands of keywords in different categories.


Other fotoKeyword Features

doing a good job of your image keywording ensures your images will be seen online!
the fotoKeyword Harvester™ is packed with features to make your image keywording more effective and includes:
  • Create Keyword Templates
  • Captions, Notes and Coach
  • Word Exceptions
  • Photo Keywording Tips


Typical Keywording Problems

image keywording sets you apart from your competition!

Listen as Cradoc describes what caused him to create the fotoKeyword Harvester™.

An image that can’t be found or doesn’t produce relevant search results means missed opportunities and thousands of dollars in lost revenue over the time the images appear online.


The fotoKeyword Solution

image keywording helps you sell your work online

See how the fotoKeyword Harvester™ solves common keywording problems and helps you get found!

Watch the video and listen along as Cradoc walks you through the keywording process with fotoKeyword Harvester™. You’ll quickly see how the fotoKeyword Harvester makes your keywording so much easier!


fotoKeyword Harvester™ Includes

  • Synonyms and Plurals as Keywords
  • Special Keywording Feature for Nature Photographers
  • Save your most popular keyword clusters
  • Save hashtags for social media use
  • Add New Categories and Keywords

fotoKeyword Harvester™ Testimonials. See what our users say.

I have just started using the brand new software product from Cradoc called the fotoKeyword Harvester™, a keywording program for stock photographers. Nothing could be easier to use.

Once your browser is configured to bring up tabs for each web site, the Harvester provides a very handy reference for doing an in-depth search on appropriate keywords at multiple sites. A simple cut and paste and an automatic check for duplicate keywords and viola! The keywording is done in a flash.

David Litschel

Photographer, CA

This keywording system is a huge step up from how I’ve been doing it all these years! One single stock license should more than pay for the cost of the software. Thank you!

Eric Bowers

Photographer, KS

The trickiest part of keywording is knowing when to stop — how to make sure you’ve described your images adequately without diluting the list with too many generic or irrelevant terms.

The fotoKeyword Harvester is a versatile, customizable program that tackles both sides of the issue. The clever harvesting system and organized controlled vocabulary should help improve the creativity and efficiency of even accomplished keyworders.

Thanks again for making this such a great program!

Kate Thomas

Linguist, PhotoShelter

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