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We are often asked: “Can I use the program on 2 computers and can the programs share data between the computers?” This article answers both those questions, and provides the instructions you’ll need.

Use Program on 2 Computers?

Yes, you can use any of the programs on 2 computers. When you purchase our programs you are purchasing a license (your serial number) that authorizes 2 activations. That means the program can be installed on 2 computers at once.

This is actually a fairly common occurrence; many of our clients have one copy of the programs on their office/desktop computer and another copy on their laptop for when they are on site or on location.

But, the installations on the separate computers DO NOT automatically share data or ‘synch’. The programs are separate, stand-alone installations. Data you enter into 1 installation of the program does not automatically get transferred to your other installation.

Share Program Data

You CAN, however, move the DATA file from one program on one computer, to the same program on a different computer. This means you can share your fotoBiz X data from one computer with your fotoBiz X program on a second computer, or your fotoQuote Pro 7 data from one computer to your second fotoQuote Pro 7 installation on a second computer.

(You cannot share data from different programs – you cannot move your fotoBiz X data into your fotoQuote Pro 7 program or vice versa.)

NOTE: It is important to note that when you are moving the DATA file you are moving the entire data set from one computer to the other, and are overwriting all data in the second computer.

The programs do not “synch” data or recognize new vs old information. This means you are wiping out all of the data on the program installation you are moving the data file TO, replacing it will all of the data from the program installation you are moving the data FROM.

Because of this, it is critical that you manage your data file carefully, always being aware of your “Master data” location.

With this in mind, here’s how you can ‘share’ your data from one program to another:

1. Close your existing program on your first computer.
    • Choose the Backup option when you close. This saves a copy of your most recent data.

share program data - cradoc fotosoftware

2. Install the program on your second computer:
    • Download the demo program from our site
        o fotoBiz X Demo
        o fotoQuote Pro 7 DEMO
    • Register the program on your second computer using your existing serial number
        o fotoBiz X serial numbers start with FBX
        o fotoQuote Pro 7 serial numbers start with FQP7

share program data - cradoc fotosoftware - register program

3. On your first computer, locate your program backup files.
    • Choose your most recent backup folder and COPY the file with DATA in the name (FBXdata.fbzx or FQP7data.fqp7)
    • Save the data file to a thumb drive or to a cloud service

4. On your second computer, move the copied data file into the program application folder
    • When you copy these files into the program say ‘Yes’ to the replace or overwrite prompt you receive.
    (Your programs are either located in your Applications folder on a MAC, or in the program folder on the C drive on your PC.)

When managing your data files this way it is important to keep record of which version has your most recent information so that you are not overwriting current data.

As always, it is a good idea to make backups before you transfer the above mentioned files.

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FAQ on how to share program data:

I have 2 existing installations on 2 computers. Both installations of the same program have different data. Can they be combined?
o Not without first doing some data entry, re-entering all of your information from one installation to the other so that all of your data is in one program.

– What happens if I mess up and wipe the data out of 1 installation and overwrite something I need?
o You always have your backup files. If you accidentally overwrite the data on one installation, you can restore the data set back to the date the data was ‘good’ by locating a prior backup and COPYING the data file from the backup into your applications folder. (remember to take the word COPY out of the file name)

– Can I share fotoBiz X data with my fotoQuote Pro 7 program?
o No. They are completely different programs. Best practice is to do all of your data entry in fotoBiz X, using fotoQuote Pro 7 as your pricing reference/guide.

Have other questions about sharing data? Please feel free to connect with us, we’re here to help!

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