10 Ways to Fight for Your Digital Rights as a Photographer

10 ways to fight for your digital rights as a photographer - Cradoc fotosoftware - Paul Melcher

By Paul Melcher The fight for your digital rights would seem to be an uphill battle these days. Let’s face it; the rights of photographers have been badly battered. First came Google, when it won the case to publish images in its search results without paying anything. Then came National Geographic and others, republishing entire […]

Pricing – the Bottom Line Price for Professional Photographers

Image for Pricing - the bottom line for professional photographers - image of fotoBiz X on laptop

Your Bottom Line Price Your first decision about pricing is your bottom line price. You want to decide, what is the lowest price you will charge, no matter what the usage? Generally, my bottom line price for a single usage is currently $250. On very special usages I might go less, but it’s just not […]

Cease and Desist Notice Example

cease and desist letter example for professional photographers . cradoc fotosoftware

submitted by Mark Davis I am a commercial photographer and have been for more than 20 years. I also taught photography courses at the college level for 8 years including the business of photography, using John Harrington’s book as a textbook. I recently began using your fotobiz software. The text below may be a good […]

Work Smarter Not Harder – Pricing Your Work

Are you charging enough for your work? Work Smarter Not harder - cradoc fotosoftware

by Cradoc Bagshaw If you are closing the majority of the estimates you submit, perhaps you are not charging enough and are leaving money on the table. A good gauge to determine if you are charging enough is if 20-40% of the estimates you submit don’t get accepted because your price is too high. This likely […]

The Importance of Image Copyright Protection

The Importance of Image Copyright Protection - Cradoc fotoSoftware

Image Copyright Protection With a busy schedule, the last thing you may have time for is registering your images with the copyright office. But image copyright protection is something you might want to put at the top of your to-do list. Copyright protection for your photos exists the moment the work is created. However, in […]

Be Successful Doing What You Love

Cradoc fotoSoftware - Masterminds for Photographers

It’s a New Year – Time to Scale Up As we step forward into 2019, many photographers – small business owners and solopreneurs – are looking for new ways to become more productive and efficient. They’re looking for ways to run their business more effectively and to find new avenues to accelerate business growth. They’re […]

Cradoc fotoBiz X vs Blinkbid

Cradoc fotoBiz x vs Blinkbid - Estimating, production, licensing and invoicing software for professional photographers

Are you looking for a downloadable alternative to Blinkbid online software? Now that BlinkBid has decided it will not develop its software to work on High Sierra or newer MAC OS there are more and more people who want to switch to a business software that doesn’t charge monthly fees, and that can be downloaded […]

Work Smarter Not Harder – Photographer Websites

Photographer Websites - How to build a website that attracts buyers - Cradoc fotoSoftware - Grover Sanschagrin

by Grover Sanschagrin Here’s my theory: Photographer websites are generally built for other photographers, and not for their true customers – photo editors and photo buyers. I am in somewhat of a unique position. As a founder of both PhotoShelter and SportsShooter.com, I hear from photographers and photo buyers all day, every day. Both often […]

Negotiation – Asking the Right Questions

Negotiation - Asking the Right Questions - cradoc fotoSoftware

How to have a successful negotiation asking the right questions. Part of being a good negotiator is knowing what questions to ask. Understanding how your image adds value to your client’s project is the key to effective negotiation. It’s your work that’s adding value to their project. With the Stock Order Form in fotoBiz and […]