Share Cradoc fotoSoftware Program Data

share program data - cradoc fotosoftware

We are often asked: “Can I use the program on 2 computers and can the programs share data between the computers?” This article answers both those questions, and provides the instructions you’ll need. Use Program on 2 Computers? Yes, you can use any of the programs on 2 computers. When you purchase our programs you […]

Save as PDF

How to save as PDF - Cradoc fotosoftware - business software for professional photographers

One of the questions most frequently asked by our users is: “How do I create a PDF of my document to email to my client?” In this article we’ll share how to do this on MAC and Windows OS. Creating a PDF on MAC or Windows computer To create a PDF from your Cradoc fotoSoftware program, first […]

Reinstall Cradoc fotoSoftware

header image - how to reinstall cradoc fotosoftware - business software for freelance photographers

One of our most asked questions is: “How do I move/reinstall my Cradoc fotoSoftware?” Here’s the quick, easy way to do that. These instructions apply to fotoBiz X and fotoQuote Pro 7 only. If you would like to move/reinstall your fotoKeyword Harvester program, please contact us. Before you Reinstall Cradoc fotoSoftware, make sure you have copies […]

Frequently Asked Questions About fotoQuote

frequently asked questions about cradoc fotoQuote Pro 7 - business management software for freelance photographers

fotoQuote has been around for a long time, so we’ve had a lot of questions over the years. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about fotoQuote. What are your prices based on? Unlike other sources of stock photo prices based on solely on surveys, often with unverifiable data, fotoQuote’s prices are based […]

Latest versions of Cradoc fotoSoftware

fotoBiz X Version 10.0.5 – for all Windows OS, for Mac OS 10.13.x High Sierra and OLDER Version 10.0.6.x – for Mac OS 10.13.x High Sierra and newer fotoQuote Pro 7 Version 7.0.0 – for all Windows OS, for Mac OS 10.13.x High Sierra and OLDER Version 7.0.1 – for Mac OS 10.13.x High Sierra […]

What is fotoBiz X?

FAQ - What is fotoBiz X

FotoBiz X is the most powerful, affordable and easy to use photography business management software available. The fotoBiz X program sets a new standard for photo business management software. FotoBiz X gives you a complete set of tools that go beyond simple photography bidding and invoicing. Everything about fotoBiz X is designed to save you […]