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frequently asked questions about cradoc fotoQuote Pro 7 - business management software for freelance photographers

fotoQuote has been around for a long time, so we’ve had a lot of questions over the years.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about fotoQuote.

What are your prices based on?

Unlike other sources of stock photo prices based on solely on surveys, often with unverifiable data, fotoQuote’s prices are based on actual sales records from photographers and photo buyers.

The original 1992 prices in fotoQuote were based on research done over a 6-month period. To get accurate prices we reviewed thousands of confidential sales records from national stock agencies and photographers all across the US. We built a price grid and then checked back with experts in each category to be sure the prices were accurate. As a last step, we again checked the prices against thousands of actual sales records from agencies and photographers.

For this latest version of fotoQuote (Pro 7) we spent a year looking at every source of pricing that we could find. We spent a lot of time contacting photographers, going through piles of notes and feedback from our customers, and scouring web sites and forums. We wanted to see what kind of problems photographers were having with pricing, and what kind of solutions were being suggested to solve them.

As a result of our research, you can be feel confident you are getting the most current pricing information available anywhere!

Since 1993 fotoQuote has been the stock photography pricing standard in North America. Often, when we would call photographers or agencies to check on their current prices for an update we would be told, “hang on, I’ll look it up. They were looking it up in fotoQuote!

How do you handle updates?

Updates are announced to our existing customers via email so be sure that we have your most current email address on file.

The timing of the updates depends on the level of research required based on the types of changes occurring in the industry. Because we work within a price range in fotoQuote, we feel comfortable that the industry prices remain relevant.

Should you find that prices in your area are consistently higher or lower than the ranges provided in our pricing guide, you can also raise or lower all of the categories in the program by any percentage you wish.

Our fotoQuote updates always include new features and new categories, along with pricing updates, which takes time to research. If we feel a specific category has changed drastically, we will post this information in the News and Tips sections of our website.

What kind of support do you offer?

If you are having problems getting your program running, connect with us via our support page. It is our first priority to get you up and running with your new program.

If you have a pricing problem that you need help with and the program doesn’t seem to have the answer, we ask that you email us the question and we provide an email response. Your email question gives us a chance to think about your problem in advance in order to give you the best possible answer.

Because our program is a compilation of data from professional photographers around the world there are some pricing problems that we won’t be able to help with because we don’t have the answers. Ultimately pricing your work is a judgment call that only you can make based on the information provided in our guide.

Can I put my own prices in fotoQuote?

Yes. You can change any individual price, or you can change all of the prices in the program at one time by a given percent. For instance, you can raise all of the prices in the program on January 1 by 5%.

The last version of fotoQuote didn’t allow you to resize the screen, can I in the new version?

Yes. In the latest version of fotoQuote Pro you now have the ability to resize the program screen. You can find these settings in the main setup screen.

Is there any kind of guarantee that I will like the program?

FotoQuote, like all our other programs, has a 30-day, unconditional, money back guarantee.

What is the difference between fotoQuote and fotoBiz? Doesn’t fotoBiz have fotoQuote built-in?

FotoBiz provides complete photography business management software for freelance photographers. It has a customer and prospect database, invoicing, assignment estimates, delivery memos, image sales and license tracking and more. FotoQuote Pro 6 is built-in to the latest version of fotoBiz X, so we highly recommend purchasing fotoQuote Pro 7 with your fotoBiz X. Buy the 2 program bundle and save.

Many photographers keep fotoBiz on their office computer and put a standalone copy of fotoQuote on their laptop to have access to fotoQuote prices when out of the office. The standalone fotoQuote is a better solution for the laptop when you need photo pricing information at your fingertips.

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