Find money in your pocket when you track image licenses in fotoBiz X!

Track Image Licenses. We’ve created a workflow in the fotoBiz imageLog that pretty much automates the task of sending renewal notices to clients whose image licenses are about to expire.

If you’ve been using the image tracking number as you invoice your clients, each of your images in the imageLog keeps track of all sales for that image, including the client, the amount of sale AND when the license expires for the use.

Some fotoBiz users have told us about the gold mine they discovered in taking the time to find those expiring licenses and asking their client for a renewal. A surprising number of their clients paid for an extended license.

Here’s how you handle license renewals:

On the imageLog Standard List View screen, click the Expires button to open a dialog box where you select the time period for the expired licenses. Click Continue. You’ll see a list of the images whose licenses expire within your date period.

Click on the first image in the list. Go to the Log View screen if you need to. In the Sales History window you see a list of invoices for that image. Click the invoice in the list that has the expiring license. An email is created for you listing the image, what the subject is and the date the license will expire, along with a request for renewal and your contact info. Just click the email button to send it. A single renewal will more than pay for your upgrade.

Click Return to go back to the imageLog. Use the arrow key to go to the next image in your group, and repeat.

This is so easy to do that there’s no reason why you couldn’t go back though last year’s images. You never know, there may be money owed to you that you can now quickly collect with very little effort.