Upgrading to fotoBiz X

Trying to import your data to fotoBiz X from Cradoc fotoSoftware fotoBiz 2.0?

This page provides you with the 2017 instructions on how to move your data to your new program. The instructions and links on this page have not been updated, and will not be updated. We provide no guarantee that this process currently works.

Please note that support for this process ended in Jan 2017. Our support team provides no information or troubleshooting support for fotoBiz 2.0 or the process of migrating data from fotoBiz 2.0 to our current program.

Step 1: Download and read the instructions #

Below is a link to a PDF of the step-by-step instructions to prepare your data for import your data to fotoBiz® X. Print it out and keep it handy while you perform the conversion.
These instructions are in PDF format and require Acobat Reader or other PDF viewing software. You can download Acrobat Reader for free here.

Step 2: Download and run the converter #

This application prepares your fotoBiz 2 data for import into fotoBiz X.

Step 3: Import your data into fotoBiz X #

Step 4: Start using fotoBiz X! #