More fotoBiz X Features

FAQ - more fotoBiz X features include gear tracking, magazine database, forms and releases for freelance photographers

More fotoBiz X features

In addition to assisting with the day-to-day management of your business, fotoBiz has a number of other features designed to help you run a more efficient and successful photography business.


Enter your equipment in this module and fotoBiz will keep a record of your equipment serial numbers, warranties, repair records and much more. Assign your gear to a camera bag and fotoBiz tells you how much each bag is worth and how much it weighs. Print packing lists to take to the job with you. You can also print insurance schedules for submissions to your insurance provider.

Magazine Database

Use the information in the Magazine Database to help in your negotiations with specific magazines. Knowing what the magazine charges for its ads gives you a good idea of their real budget. Most magazines today also have an online presence. In addition to the printed circulation and full-page ad data fields, you can also include the number of online visitors and leaderboard rates. Import a thumbnail to give you an at-a-glance reference for the magazine’s content. There are several tabs for you to include specific details about the publication. Notes for your research and any conversations you’ve had, Guidelines for information about the submission requirements, Articles to give you even more insight into the content and Contract for you to include a sample contract for the magazine.


Separate from the electronic delivery memos you might produce for a specific assignment or stock invoice are general and delivery submissions that you might need for a contact that is not connected to an invoice. The Delivery Memo submission can be used for image submissions and a General Memo can be used to track items out for repair as well as portfolio submissions.

Forms and Releases

FotoBiz comes with a few standard release forms, Model Releases, Portfolio Release and a Property Release. You can edit these to meet your specific needs or create new ones. Also included in the program are various production forms. These forms are designed to help you gather the right information when talking to a client about a new stock order, assignment job or video shoot.

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