If you want to get more clients as a photographer you have to market yourself and put yourself out there to grow your photography business. And, not just randomly, you need a written marketing plan with goals to reach and action steps to take.

Showing your newest work twice a year doesn’t cut it.

What do you need to grow your photography business?

In my career as an art director (advertising, publishing, marketing) and as a sales rep for Production Paradise (online directory for photographers) I learned that one of the key elements to growing your business is to consistently promote yourself to your ideal clients. The emphasis here is on consistently.

After years of working with many photographers and learning about their marketing it was clear that many are overwhelmed by marketing and frankly, it’s not their favorite thing to do.

I noticed that photographers working for bigger brands and magazines followed a plan that got them noticed by prospective clients. Newer, less established photographers often didn’t know what to do next.

If you want to make money as a photographer you have to market yourself and put yourself out there. You need a vision, a strong brand, clear goals, and an action plan to pursue your dream of becoming an established photographer.

To build your business you need to:

  • Define your business vision
  • Update your overall brand
  • Identify the right clients for your work
  • Set up a marketing plan for 2019
  • Follow through with your marketing campaign
  • Get clear on your value & price structure

Take time to work “on” your business

I heard from many photographers that they’re so busy with running their photography business that they don’t spend enough time on promoting themselves. It’s easy to get consumed with your daily tasks. At least once a year, you need to take a step back, block out some time and to work “on” instead of “in” your business.

When was the last time you looked at all aspects of your photography business and reviewed your vision, goals and your marketing plan? Maybe you have never created a marketing plan or you have a hard time staying on track with your goals.

Need help?

Many photographers do. That’s why I created a learning program specifically for commercial photographers to help build their brand, connect with their ideal clients, set up a solid marketing plan, and follow through with that plan. It’s called the Client Attraction 4 Photographers program.

cradoc fotosoftware - client attraction 4 photographers - grow your photography business

Who the program is for

The 12-week group-coaching program is for photographers who want to increase their business and the effectiveness of their marketing. The program gives you a structure to block out some time and work “on” your business. You will learn new tools in 6 building blocks to grow your photography business with ease.

If you want to attract more clients in 2019 you need to change what’s not working. Get yourself the expert support you need to put a proven plan and systems into place that will help you continuously promote yourself to the right people.

How it works

Every 2 weeks the group will meet for a 1-hour live video call where we cover the next module & worksheets. Participants are able to ask questions, receive clarification and further information as needed. This group meeting is a collaborative space where the participants’ main goal is to support each other to grow their businesses.

I’m offering my program to 10 photographers at a time because I believe it’s important for you to get my full attention while you’re working through the program. During the 12-week program, I will teach you the tools to define your vision, goals, brand, ideal clients, marketing plan and we’ll look at your price structure and value proposition.

cradoc fotosoftware - client attraction 4 photographers - grow your photography business

What you get

At the end of the 12-week Client Attraction 4 Photographers program, you’ll have the following key tools to help you grow your business:
  • Your creative direction
  • Your brand design & message
  • Your vision & goals
  • Your marketing plan
  • Your value
Sign up by Nov. 20th 2018 to get 2 bonuses: A 25% DISCOUNT + 1 FREE COACHING SESSION

Be the change you want to see

The way you think about your work, your clients and your possibilities have a huge effect on the choices you make when it comes to promoting yourself. Besides giving you hands-on advice and tools, being a part of this course will also give you mental inspirations to shift your mindset towards seeing yourself as the creative and successful photographer you want to be.

Do you want to get the tools & support system to build a successful business in 2019? Sign up now to be one of the 10 participants accepted in the program starting on Nov. 29th, 2018.

Learn more about the Client Attraction 4 Photographers program here

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I look forward to working with you to build your photography business!

About the author:

Andrea Lange is a graphic designer and art director with 20+ years of experience in the advertising and publishing world. She knows the art buying side of choosing photographers & directing shoots as well as what you need to build a recognizable brand.

Andrea grew up in Hamburg/Germany. She left Hamburg and her design position at Men’s Health in 2000 to pursue her dream to move to San Francisco/USA.