Are you looking for a downloadable alternative to Blinkbid online software?

Now that BlinkBid has decided it will not develop its software to work on High Sierra or newer MAC OS there are more and more people who want to switch to a business software that doesn’t charge monthly fees, and that can be downloaded to their MAC computers.

We understand Blinkbid’s decision. It was a lot of work for us to re-work our programs to work on MAC’s newer operating systems, and to ensure that they would continue to work on upcoming MAC changes to their OS. But Cradoc, a professional freelance photographer himself, is committed to providing software solutions that do not require a monthly payment.

We’ve been around a long time. We know what it takes to manage your business as a freelance photographer. Our fotoBiz X program provides you with all of the tools that you need to estimate, quote, bid and license your creative work. And, it provides you with contact management, communication templates, tracking and more.

We asked Blinkbid users what they thought

We reached out to a couple of former Blinkbid users for their thoughts on Blinkbid’s decision to go to cloud-based solutions instead of stand-alone programs. While many of them understood the reasoning, for most the monthly fees were just not in their budget.

“Adobe’s photography monthly rate is $9.99 a month. Blinkbid’s rate was somewhere crazy like $20 a month. For one program. Adobe gives you photoshop and Lightroom, and they are way more powerful than invoicing software.

“Quickbooks has a $5 a month subscription. Between the cost of the Blinkbid crazy rate, Quickbooks monthly charge and FotoBix X it was a clear choice which one to use. I understand Cradoc has costs in developing new versions but a monthly fee is crazy!”
~ Jafet M. – NY Photographer
Cradoc’s fotoBiz X was developed by a professional freelance photographer to run his photography business and has evolved based on user feedback. It contains many of the features provided by BlinkBid; quoting, bidding, licensing & invoicing and so much more.

Don’t take it from us, here’s what one of our users had to say in a recent conversation:

“After 25 years in the biz it’s great to have finally found a photo-administrative solution that works for me – simple but thorough. I’ve been implementing Fotobiz since the first of the year and it is becoming more and more intuitive and useful in keeping track of the different parts of my business, whether it’s a multi-day job for a corporate client or a headshot for a local actor. It’s also very nice to know that the software is actively supported and continuing to improve. It is an integral part of my every-day photo life.

“This is the essential kit for my daily photo business, so thank you. It has stood the test of time and is amazingly versatile.”
~ Kevin Morris

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Cradoc fotoSoftware fotoBiz® X is a comprehensive, powerful, and easy to use business management software available for your stock and assignment photography estimating and billing needs. It is the favorite of professional freelance photographers worldwide!

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