Wondering “Are Cradoc fotoSoftware programs compatible with Mojave?” We’re happy to confirm that all Cradoc fotoSoftware programs for professional freelance photographers are compatible with all MAC OS including the newest – Mojave!

Cradoc fotoSoftware programs fotoBiz X, fotoQuote Pro 7, and fotoKeyword Harvester are compatible with Mojave 10.14.x

Due to changes in the MAC OS 10.13.x and newer, these are updated versions of the programs. Existing clients are encouraged to request their updated version when updating their MAC OS to High Sierra or Mojave.

New clients with MAC OS 10.13.x or newer will receive the option to download the software based on their OS. Please contact us at support@cradocfotosoftware.com for more information.

Data from existing Cradoc fotoSoftware programs is moved from the older MAC version of the software to the new version after installation.