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An Accelerated Solution to Keywording Photos

The fotoKeyword Harvester speeds up the process of keywording photos and improves the quality of your image keywords. You don’t need to repeat unnecessary tasks over and over again. When you use the fotoKeyword Harvester to keyword images, you’ll get help learning the language of keywording.

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A New Approach to Photo Keywording

The fotoKeyword Harvester automates the process of researching and capturing, or harvesting, the words that best describe the image you’re keywording by utilizing multiple resources on the Internet.

Current keywording methods have you start with an empty window for each of the thousands of images that you need to keyword, leaving it up to you to guess what words will make your image appear near the top of a search. With each new image you keyword you need to start guessing again.

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Photo Keywording with a Controlled Vocabulary

The Keyword Composer™ is a controlled vocabulary that is built-in to the fotoKeyword Harvester. Once you’ve created your initial block of keywords use the Keyword Composer to refine them. Select keywords from a list of thousands of words in different categories.

The more time you take to carefully keyword your images, the more accurate you’ll be when putting together a submission, or cataloging your images, and the easier it will be to find your images later.

  • Synonyms and Plurals as Keywords
  • Special Keywording Feature for Nature Photographers
  • Add New Categories and Keywords
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Other Features in the fotoKeyword Harvester

  • Create Keyword Templates
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Captions, Notes and Coach
  • Word Exceptions
  • Preserve Word Groups
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Photo Keywording Tips

The job of keywording your images can be a daunting task. With the proper help, like the fotoKeyword Harvester, and this comprehensive list of the do’s and don’ts of image keywording, your keywording nightmares are over.

The primary goal in keywording photos is to attach the words to your image that accurately describe the subject, and the more intangible concepts that your image represents, so that your image can be found by you and others in the future. An image that can’t be found or doesn’t produce relevant search results equates to missed opportunities and can over time mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

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Cradoc Discusses Keywording Problems

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Cradoc Demonstrates the Solution

What our users say about fotoKeyword Harvester

Thank you so much for making the fotoKeyword Harvester! I have learned so much about photo keywording since I started using the software in January. I am looking forward to the stock photography buying season at the end of this year to see the results.

This keywording system is a huge step up from how I’ve been doing it all these years! One single stock license should more than pay for the cost of the software. Thank you!

Eric Bowers, Photographer, KS
he trickiest part of keywording is knowing when to stop — how to make sure you’ve described your images adequately without diluting the list with too many generic or irrelevant terms.

The fotoKeyword Harvester is a versatile, customizable program that tackles both sides of the issue. The clever harvesting system and organized controlled vocabulary should help improve the creativity and efficiency of even accomplished keyworders.

Kate Thomas, Linguist, PhotoShelter
Keywords are so critical to marketing my images these days. Without keywords people can’t find my photographs, so they’re the most important element in the metadata package.

Typically I work with Lightroom, and now with the fotoKeyword Harvester open on my desktop as I import or caption images I can locate and manage all the keywords I need. The fotoKeyword Harvester is really intuitive at coming up with keywords I didn’t think of, and the built in Keyword Composer ensures that I have all of the word variations that are needed in the world of ‘searching’.

Cradoc has once again simplified a very complicated part of my workflow.

Ralph A. Clevenger, Photographer, CA
I have just started using the brand new software product from Cradoc called the fotoKeyword Harvester, a keywording program for stock photographers. Nothing could be easier to use.

Once your browser is configured to bring up tabs for each web site, the Harvester provides a very handy reference for doing an in-depth search on appropriate keywords at multiple sites. A simple cut and paste and an automatic check for duplicate keywords and viola! The keywording is done in a flash.

David Litschel, Photographer, CA
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