Cradoc Support

It is our first priority to get you up and running with your new program. If you are having problems getting your program running, contact us directly at Cradoc Support.

Support is available online to registered users of Cradoc fotoSoftware products. We are a very small company, and the only way we can continue to provide you with free support is if you do your share of the work first. We’ve worked hard to make sure that fotoBiz®, fotoQuote® and the fotoKeyword Harvester™ are very user-friendly programs.

For fotoBiz, there is an in-depth Reference Manual. FotoQuote has a User’s Guide and Coach sections built into the program that give you an extensive amount of pricing and negotiating information. The fotoKeyword Harvester has a Quick Start guide as well as a movie and audio overview. Please take the time to learn the software before contacting us with questions that may already be answered in these teaching tools.

Our Blog and FAQ also answer a number of the Cradoc Software support questions that we get asked. Type your error into the search bar to see if the answer to your questions can easily be found there.

If you haven’t found the answer on our website, we ask that all support questions for our programs be submitted to us via our Support Form. Please provide as much information as you are able, including screenshots. This allows us to think about your problem so that we are able to provide you with the most relevant solution. This is also the quickest way for you to get an answer to your question. We typically respond within 24 hours with a detailed answer.

We are not able to provide support to customers who have a computer crash and do not have a current backup of their program.


Lost/Replacement Registration Codes, Downloads & CD’s

If you need to have your registration code and/or program replaced, please submit your request through our Support Form. Please note that there may be a charge of $10.00 per code request.

To prevent this charge we suggest you print out your order email and file it in a safe place for future reference. Also be sure to regularly backup your software.