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Photo Price Guide for Stock and Assignment Photography

The fotoQuote Pro 6 photography pricing guide is our biggest upgrade in the almost twenty years since the original version of our photo pricing calcuator was written. We’ve added 86 new categories bringing the total to 304. The latest photo pricing guide now includes both still and video stock footage categories, assignment pricing, thumbnails, international currency and much more. See below for details.

  • New Markets
  • New Stock Photography Pricing Categories
  • Updated Stock and Assignment Photography Prices
  • New Coach Information
  • Redesigned Interface Enhancements
  • Quote Packs
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Stock Photography Price Guide

There are two fire breathing dragons that are impacting the photo markets and influencing the way you will need to compete for your stock photo sales. The huge stock agencies Corbis and Getty, in their battle with each other are changing the photo markets for the rest of us.

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Assignment Photography Price Guide

The fotoQuote Assignment Coach is rich with information about business practices, assignment pricing, creative fees, pricing strategies, and negotiation tips from nationally successful photographers. You’ll find help and tips for pricing many types of assignments, from simple editorial jobs through complex jobs with half million-dollar budgets.

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Watch as Cradoc demos fotoQuote Pro 6

What our users say about fotoQuote

As a registered user of FotoQuote, (which by the way is one of the reasons I chose Photoshelter for my online image presence) I thought you might take great pleasure in knowing that fotoQuote played a vital role in a recent court case of mine for copyright infringement against a music venue who used my work without permission.

FotoQuote helped me provide detailed evidence and witness statements to back up my claim for damages and convince the judge that my work is worth significantly more, thousands of pounds versus the couple hundred pounds, than the defendant tried to claim.

Jason Sheldon, Photographer, United Kingdom
Your fotoQuote program got me about $600 more for the single photo than I would have quoted. They went for it and I have a purchase order coming. Thanks for your great product.
Tim Bradley, Photographer, WA
Oh My God. Where have you been my whole life. I got a degree in commercial photography about 4 years ago – but NOBODY taught us the business end. I got a clue when I joined ASMP, but still, it’s hard to figure this out.

I almost cried when I watched your video on fotoQuote Pro 6. Finally – something to HELP me. Thank you sooooo much for simplifying the commercial photography world.

Joy Wolfenbarger, Photographer, NV
Wow, I just took a look at the new version of fotoQuote Pro 6, this is really up-to-date and covers a lot of current questions like video and assignment fees, excellent!

I teach several workshops throughout the year and students will make their money back on one assignment using this software! I’ll spread the word.

Maintenance upgrades are a snap. The upgrade installed smoothly and without a loss of data or forms. Cradoc fotoSoftware readily takes input from its users and evaluates each desired or enhanced feature for future releases.

Want to send an email to a customer? Easily done using the templates. Tracking print or stock sales? Once again, easily accomplished especially with the thumbnail images for quick reference. Tracking stock production sales/expenses? Works great. Even things as simple as printing an envelope are accomplished with ease. Tracking equipment and insurance is also a snap with fotoBiz X. The reports within fotoBiz X are easily generated and very useful in evaluating sales, submissions and other criteria.

There are many features I use constantly in fotoBiz, and others I’m still learning as I need them. This is a great program, and works well in tandem with Lightroom. Thanks!

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