You Take the Photos. Let us take care of business!

We’ve got your back when it comes to running your business. The key to any business is remaining profitable. Major keys to profit for a photographer are having your work found by buyers, knowing what to charge for the work you do, and creating the paperwork that protects you and your client from misunderstandings and gets you paid on time.

Our tools help the small business photographer succeed in the big business world.

With fotoBiz® we’ve done everything we can to automate your business workflow. We developed fotoBiz to automate the creation of the paperwork you’ll need to protect your assets. But fotoBiz goes beyond the creation of quotes, bids and invoices. You enter information about your job once, and as fotoBiz automatically creates the next step in the job workflow it also tracks details you’ll need to know to stay profitable. We tell you how much individual images have made in relicensing fees. It reminds you when licenses expire and automatically creates an email to the client offering to relicense the image.

fotoQuote® is the industry standard guide for pricing stock and assignment photos. With over prices in 304 categories fotoQuote covers licensing fees for stock photography for still and video photography and assignment photography. fotoQuote is built into fotoBiz or can be purchased as a stand alone program.

You can’t sell them if they can’t find them. The fotoKeyword Harvester™ helps you build excellent and complete keyword blocks for your photos. If a digital image isn’t keyworded it doesn’t exist. The harvester helps you find images similar to yours, and use that research as a basis to start your own keywording. Then you use the built-in controlled vocabulary to fine tune your keywords.

Our programs are available individually, or buy all three at once for a special bundle price.